Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How To Participate ?

Please do drop down your details in the comment box below. Thank you.

1)Your Blogspot or Websites
2)Email Address & Full name
And Remember to be our "Follower" and click on the box on the right. Please do so or your participation will not be considered.

This Offer is officially opened to all blogspot globally in January 11, 2010 and please feel free to participate as the result will be notified as soon as possible.

Commonly Asked Questions

1)For your information, to participate, you do not:

A)Do not need to pay any registration fees.
B)Do not need to charge you in any method in forms of credit card and etc if u are chosen to get our advertisement.

2)How do you get paid?

A) We will pay you in the forms of cheques in which we will pay you to your name and ultimately be sent to your perfered home address.

3)When will the result is clear and how do we get notified?

A)The result will be imform through your email that you have dropped down in the comment box below. The result will be notified as soon as possible as we predicted that lots of bloggers will participate because tons of blogger are begging to earn a couple of cents so we need our time to filter every single blogspot that has participate here.

4)How do we contact you?

A)If u have enquires, please leave your doubt in the comment box below and we will deliver the best answer to you as soon as possible as our company is currently in the verge of expansion.

5) How much participation do you need?

A) This participation is unlimited and will not be restricted in terms of amount or country zone. Our company expect many bloggers to participate so we have a higher chance to get the ideal blogspot that suits our theme.

6) Why don't your company seek for another advertising company like Chitika?

A)We are a advertising company ourselves that are currently in the verge of expanding and we would like to organize this event and select the bloggers ourselves as we ourselves know more than other company about our theme of advertisement.


We Studio8 are a photo shoot company that provides photo shoot in any indoor and outdoor occasion. We are based in Oklahoma, United States and currently seeking opportunity to expand our business to advertisement. Thank You.